Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mondays Just Got Better

~ Hi Everyone ~
Most of you know, there's a good reason my blog name is 
"You Had Me Craft", right? 
If it's crafty...sewing, paper crafts, home decor, jewelry making, baking...WHATEVER!  I LOVE IT! 
So, of course one of my FAVORITE past times is to browse the net for new IDEAS and INSPIRATION! 
I just LOVE LINKING PARTIES for exactly that purpose! They are the BEST WAY to browse MANY MANY CREATIVE IDEAS all at once and SHARE some of your own too ?! Soooo....

I am SUPER EXCITED to announce the launch of my NEW

So HERE'S what I have in mind ...

1. Every Monday, I'll post a LINKING widget for you to add your latest crafty project with picture and a link back to your blog.

2. Post ANYTHING CREATIVE that you made yourself.  Did you sew? garden? paint? create home decor? make jewelry, use vinyl? color? quilt? papercraft? knit? crochet? bake? cook? WHATEVER ! 

3. Include this "button" somewhere on your post and invite others to join the fun and SHOW OFF their crafty stuff TOO! 


4. Promise to visit and comment on at least two other blogs. Scouts honor, ok :) This way everyone gets some cud-dos for their crafty genius. You may even discover a new blog you've never see before!

5. Each time you post a new project (limit 3 per Monday) you'll be entered to WIN my bi-weekly GIVEAWAY! That's up to 6 chances to WIN every other week! 

6. Lastly, don't forget to leave a comment to say HELLO!

As a bonus, I'll be choosing one entry periodically for a 
SPECIAL FEATURE POST here on my blog ! 

Doesn't that SOUND SO FUN ?! I'm excited! Are you?!

The FIRST "Made It Myself" Monday is coming up in just a few short days... 
MAY 16TH! ...Let's Party!

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