Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Green Tomatoes

~ Hi there ~
What do you do when you have a bunch of green roma tomatoes that won't seem to ripen in your garden?
How about make a 
Yummy Green Salsa ?! 
Here how...
First, take a bunch of your green tomatoes and a few jalapeno peppers and throw them in your crock pot set on high for a couple of hours til the skins turn pale green. Or you could boil and simmer them on the stove too.
Drain them, then puree  in your blender or food processor.
Dump it all in a big bowl...It will kinda look like pea soup.
Puree one large onion, red or white and one can un-drained stewed red tomato. And dump that in too.
Take a whole bunch of cilantro ruff chop or run that thru your processor as well. Add a couple tablespoons of lemon or lime juice and salt and pepper to taste.
Mix it all up!'s looking yummy now!
Grab a few chips, these are Baked Lays Tostitos Scoops. And enjoy a healthy yummy snack!
 HAVE LOTS OF EXTRA, like I did ???
Grab some inexpensive containers with lids, make up a cute tag and SHARE with your friends and neighbors! They'll love ya for it :)
This is super easy recipe, no need to measure. Just go by taste and use some basic salsa ingredients. Make it more or less spicy according to your liking and maybe even add some garlic too. 
It turned out REALLY YUMMY! 
I wish there was such a thing as taste-a-blog and smell-a-blog!

I'm linking up to my buddy Tracy's Party:)
Craft Junkie Too Friend

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Whoops! It's Made It Myself Mondays! Week 9

~ Hi There ~
Can you believe I forgot to schedule my Made It Myself Monday post?! OH DEAR, I must still be in vacation mode, I can't remember what day it is! LOL!  The weather is so summery and balmy all I want to do is hang out by the beach or in my pool! So sorry for the delay, but here is the post I planned for today...better late than never right?

I love how this WEDDING CARD turned out! I wish the picture did it justice. I used pretty embossed paper and it just sparkled in person, so you'll have to use your imagination a bit while you view it :)
 Deets : 
Card Base Elegant Edges Cart cut @ 5 inches
Layers on card front and inside Elegant Edges cut @ 4.75
Cake from Tie the Knot cut @ 4 inches
SU Punches, Stick on Pearls and Ribbon

You like? :) 

WOOHOO! I have a winner to announce too from
week 6 and 7's Linking Party...
You just won My Pink Stampers Punny-licious Stamp Set! 
You've Got Mail!

Okay friends, it's time to get your CRAFT ON! And no worries that I posted late. Remember all linking parties stay open til Friday midnight, so you have plenty of time to show off your genious :) 

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pioneer Day and New Pink Designers

Yesterday I spent the day with my sweet hubby celebrating
which commemorates the service of early members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints under the request of the US Army to help secure important regions of the American Southwest during the Mexican/ American War in 1846. It was a HUGE sacrifice and an incredible march ON FOOT of nearly 2000 miles from Iowa to San Diego. The battalion consisted of about 500 men, a few women and children with no previous military experience. It was truly incredible and their contribution to the establishment of the early west is really amazing. If you'd like to know more about the history CLICK HERE
While there, I checked my email and was greeted with the WONDERFUL NEWS that I will continue to work with Robyn aka MY PINK STAMPER for her next DT Term! 
My Pink Stamper
Working with Robyn has been such a pleasure and I'm so honored that she has asked me to continue for another term! Check out Robyn's blog post announcement where you'll find a list of the rest of her Pink Designers!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Corset Anniversary Card with Button Accent Tutorial

 ~ Hi There ~
WOW! Summer has been chock full of activities and travel for me and the hubs, hence my LESS frequent posts. And it looks like the rest of July and August will be more of the same. Not complaining at all though. It's all family fun stuff, which I adore. So if your wondering why I haven't posted as much lately, that's why. No worries though, once fall is here I know I'll be back in nesting and crafting mode and  making up for some serious blog time. I hope the rest of you in blog land are enjoying your summer too! It's one of my favorite seasons :)
In the meantime, I wanted to share a video that is a PART TWO POST of the recent Anniversary Card I made my hubby. I tried a fancy button technique- or at least I thought it was pretty fancy :)... and I thought you might like to see the process. The PART ONE POST can be found HERE, just in case you'd like to refer back to it for measurements and what nots :) 

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 8: Made It Myself Mondays

~ Hi There ~
I'm just getting back from my trip to Santa Barbara were the Hubs and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary! 
We had a great time! It's SOOO beautiful there! 
 Anyways, I should have made it back just in time to PARTY with you all again, Woohoo! 
Today I'm sharing the cute, sort of sexy card I made my DH for the happy occasion.
I'm sort of in love with combining orange, yellow and turquoise lately, so I thought I'd throw those colors in the mix. And I wanted the card to look fun but be ok for a masculine card too. If I don't say so myself, I think I nailed it, hehe :) What do you think? 
Here are the deets...
5.5 x 5.5 Card Base
5.25 x 5.25 Yellow Layer
5 x 5 Striped Layer
2.25 x 2.25 Turquoise Layer
Nighty and all Layers cut @ 3inches from Tie The Knot Cart
Orange Frame 2.5 x 3.5
White Frame 2.25 x 3.25
SU Heart and Sentiment Punches
Extras: Button, Twine and Ink
Both Sentiments My Pink Stamper Love-alicious Set

So what have YOU ALL had up your crafty sleeves, while I was gone? I can't wait to see !

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 7: Made It Myself Mondays and Guest Designer

~ Happy Monday Everybody ~
Yup, it's that time again to show the world, well maybe not the world, but certainly everyone in blog land what your crafty self can do!
When I started this weekly linking party, I had know idea where it would it go. In fact I thought it might be a big fat flop, but thanks to ALL YOU CRAFTY GODDESSES, it's has turned into the highlight of my crafty week viewing all your AMAZING projects! I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have, and in the process, discovered some new blogs and made some crafty friends!
Speaking of goddesses, I AM BEYOND EXCITED to have my UBBERLY TALENTED friend and blog sister join me here today as a GUEST DESIGNER. So without further adieu, I will turn the floor over to CRISTI BURTON the author of
SCRAPPIN 5 LITTLE CUPCAKES to share some crafting inspiration! You know it's gonna be good when someone has the word CUPCAKE in their blog name!

Hi everyone and thank you Alex for inviting me to share my talent on your amazing blog. About a week ago Alex and I got to hang out for the day and play. I am sure you saw the sneak peek pictures on Alex's and my blog. Well, today we finally are sharing our cute little sewing project we created together, an altered tank dress. We got the idea from Amanda, she linked up a similar project at Alex's last linking party!

Here's how we made it... 

Purchase a pre made t-shirt or tank and cut off the hem. Take a strip of cotton fabric about 4" wide and twice the length of the bottom of the tank. Fold and press it length wise, wrong sides together.
Ruffle the fabric and  pin the ruffles to the bottom edge of the tank.

Sew the adorable ruffles to the tank top.
To add the cute owl cut with my Cricut, first you
have to prepare your fabric. This was my first time cutting
fabric with my Cricut, so I am experimenting with you all.
I found some Heat n' Bond at my local Walmart.
 Cut your Heat n' Bond at the size that is desired. Iron the back side of the fabric to the shiny side of the Heat n' Bond for 2 secs.
TIP: Make sure you follow the directions
on the package to the tee for the Heat n' Bond!!!

 Add your fabric to the Cricut mat just as you would paper. I then cut my owl and his layers at 2.7" from the Create a Critter Cartridge. Set your speed at 3 and your pressure at 5" (or the highest your machine will go). Then I ironed on my owl and his layers, (again follow the directions to a tee). I had a hard time getting my top layer to adhere. So I ended up adding some stitches around the wings and one in his little feet, I also had to use some fabric glue. I then added some buttons for his eyes because the detail of his eyes did not cut properly.
 I think he still turned out super cute but next time I
will just use the Heat n' Bond for purpose of cutting my images. Then I will sew around the image to adhere it.
Our finished project. We decided too add one more row of a double ruffle, but it looks just as cute with only one row of ruffles too.

Sweet Autumn modeling her new little shirt/dress. I also created a little matching flower clip for her hair but that is for another post.

Thank you for letting my share with you today and happy crafting!!!

WAS THAT SOOO CUTE!!! Thanks Cristi for showing us how you added the "pièce de résistance" to our project!  It really turned out adorable and I am itching to make more!

OKAY! Now it's your turn to show us you crafty genius! 
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Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hi There Everybody!
I am SO EXCITED to type this post!
I DID get a NEW PUPPY after all! You probably all know that the mama dog that I was waiting for had trouble with her pregnancy and only had one still born puppy! It was so sad :(   BUT, it turned our her sister Sofie had had 3 puppies 8 weeks ago. So I decided to take a second look at her little ones and this little gal STOLE MY HEART! 
OH MY GOSH! Isnt she adorable! I was hoping for a male since I already have 2 other fur balls ladies in the house, Zoe and Havana. But ya know, my heart just melted when I held this one!

WELL WORLD, without further ADU....
I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of my family....
Well DAH!...we had to give her a Cuban name ofcourse! 
For short, we'll just call her COCO!
(for you inquiring minds...Coco stands for Coconut, and Merengue is a type of salsa dance as well as a sugary sweet dessert , both very common in Cuba)
 Born : May 9,  2011
Weight : 0.6 lbs
Coco is registered at Petco, Pet Smart and 
Bed Bath and Beyond - JUST KIDDING, hehe! 
THANKS TO EVERYONE who played along and suggested names for my new puppy! They were ALL SO CUTE and many of them would have worked for both a boy or a girl. So I decided to choose a winner from the entries. CONGRATS and THANKS goes to entry number #37 CANDACE of My Passion for Scrappin. 


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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hi There! 
I hope all you had a GREAT 4th! 
My son and his wife found great last minute flights and decided to pop in for the holiday weekend! I love last minute plans! They always seem to turn out the FUNNEST!  We had such a BLAST! Only problem, I'm exhausted! In 3 short days we packed in one activity after another. Sea World, Baseball Game, Fireworks, Swimming, Movies, Playing Wii and BBQing were all on the menu! My husband even took my 2 sons and my daughter in law to a shooting range. They had never done anything like that before and wanted to try something new. I was a bit unsure about the whole gun thing and all, so I stayed home and I snuk in a well needed nap while they were gone :) 
Just before they arrived I had another last minute Play Date with my sweet friend Cristi. You all know her from her blog
Scrappin 5 Little Cupcakes.
She needed her hair done so we decided to make a day of it and have some girl time! Here's some pics from our day out!

Yeah! She's Arrived!
 Time for Rocking Highlights
LUNCH TIME! Yum! Love this place! 
 I didn't want to blow my Weight Watchers Plan, 
so I saved up Points and only ate half of it! 
Funny, I was still so full and satisfied :)
 Next, off to get some craft supplies!
 We decided to try something different and 
whip up a craft using the sewing machine.
 Here's a SNEAK PEEK!
We are adding some finishing touches 
so STAYED TUNED for the final product!
 It's gonna be SOOO SEW CUTE!  Get it? :)
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Red, White and Blue

I think you all know I'm HUGELY Patriotic, so July 4th is a really fun one for me and my family. My son and his wife just arrived for the weekend so we have some family fun planned, that of course will include fireworks, grilling, swimsuits and most importantly being thankful for the our military and the FREEDOMS we have in
the great old USA. 
Lately, in my crafting, I've been drawn to simplicity in pattern and texture. Kinda of challenging myself to see what I can create with the least amounts bells and whistles. We're so fortunate to have so many gadgets at our disposal, it was really harder than I thought it would be. So I ventured out to make a simple yet textured July 4th card.
What do you think ?
 The sentiment is from My Pink Stampers latest release. This stamp set is called

Well, time to make the family some Patrotic Breakfast! I think Waffles, Eggs and Sausage will do, LOL! 


And REMEMBER, we'll be skipping "Made It MySelf Mondays" this week since it falls on a holiday, so you can enjoy all the festivities with your family and friends!
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