Monday, July 23, 2012


~ Hi There ~
The UPS made a super happy DELIVERY last week...can you guess what it was?


I SQUEALED and TWIRLED around the room like a school girl when I saw it! WEEEEE!!!!

I did have to wait a bit to get it though , 2 weeks to be exact for it to arrive. I had taken advantage of the Oh My Crafts 25% off coupon that was offered not too long ago, even though I had there was some kind of BRU HA HA associated with the coupon, some error had occurred and therefore Oh My Crafts was delaying delivery. I really didn't know what the facts were BUT since I've always had excellent customer service from Oh My Crafts and they had sponsored my blog at times before. I decided the wait was worth it and OH YEAH the savings...25% OFF was a smoking deal ! I'm a sucker for a bargain :)

With in minutes of opening the box and downloading the software, I was cutting my first shapes! WHOOP WHOOP !!!

Just like everyone told me...the cuts turned out GREAT! But oops, I forgot to take a picture of my finished cut. I wound up playing around with some rolled flower shapes, it was fun! I used my $10 FREE SHAPES CARD which was included, to download some fun shapes too.

I'M SO EXCITED for all this machine has to offer. OF COURSE, the down side is, there is always a learning curve when acquiring a new, especially electronic toy, BUT I'm just going to set some time aside and learn, learn, learn, play, play, play :)

If you guys know of any resources that might be helpful to me in learning the all means...give me a shout out ! I've already been poking around and found THIS site and THIS You tube channel for tutorials, shapes and tips!

Thanks so much to everyone that has shared the excitement with me as I transition from Cricut girl to a Cameo girl :)

On a sadder note...I just wanted to say,  love and prayers go out to all those that have been effected by the awful tradegy in Aurora Colorado this past weekend. I was horrified and deeply saddened as I watched the events unravel.
May God bless and protect us all and let's remember...even in the very face of evil...GOOD does prevail.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SU # 5 and Summer Memories

~ Hi there ~
The anniversary getaway was AWESOME! It was so much fun to explore the central California coast! It's like going back in time when the California landscape was undisturbed and natural. The seaside towns of Morro Bay, San Simeon and Cambria were charming and offered yummy food and lots of natural beauty eye candy. Hearts Castle was amazing and the coast line was spectacular! I love that there wasn't one big box store or chain restaurant to be found!
Arriving at Hearts Castle
Ginormous Grecian style pool where legends swam like Charlie Chaplin, 
Clark Cable and Greta Garbo. 
Elephant Seals at San Simeon
 After a yummy breakfast at the quirky Madonna Inn - gotta love those self snapped arm length FaceBook shots!

OH...all good things must come to an end, but the happy memories linger. I'm so grateful I had this special time with the hubby :)

Which brings me to my next card. Doesn't this remind you of those CARE FREE SUMMERS as a kid?! Once again, I'll add the sentiment later depending on who the lucky recipient and occasion are. Check out my previous posts to see the other Stampin Up Party making cards I posted.

And stay tuned for MORE!!! Thanks for stopping by!
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Summer and SU series # 4

Hi there ~
Well, so far this summer has certainly been filled with SUN and FAMILY FUN! Just finished visiting with my son and his wife and spending a whole lotta time in, on and by the water...I have the best tan! And I got the BEST news! They are EXPECTING! That's grandbaby # 4 on it's way! YAHOOIE!!! I AM THRILLED!!!!
Now it's off to celebrate probably the BEST decision I've ever made! Marrying my DEAR HUSBAND 29 years ago! We're heading up the coast to explore Cambia, San Luis Obispo and Moro Bay...they say it's beautiful!
While I'm gone...HERE is another installment of my Stampin Up Card Party projects. You'll notice that some of them don't have sentiments stamped on them yet. When I make a lot of cards all at once, it's my preference to do it that way, then depending on the need and the occasion, I can add an appropriate sentiment later - clever, huh ? :)
 I'll be using this one to give to my DH on our ANNIVERSARY in a couple of days! I love HEARTS and I'm always looking for ways to use them other than valentine's day.
Thanks again for my sweet friends TINA and PAM, the gals that host these AWESOME card making parties! If you're interested in ordering any Stamp Up stuff, check our their blogs, they both can hook you up! Mention that I sent you :) to finish getting ready for my trip!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th 2012 - SU Series # 3

~ Hi There Everyone ~
For all you USA'ers...HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!

I figured this year I would make a differentiation since we all know the BLOG and CRAFT world is MULTINATIONAL.  I think my friends to the north {Canada} just celebrated their Independence Day, AY?

Well, from wherever you are in this great GLOBE...I do hope you enjoy FREEDOM there, like I do in this AMAZING NATION of THE UNITED STATES :)...HAPPY FREEDOM DAY!

And SO IMPORTANT.. I want to THANK all the EXTRAORDINARY military men and women and their HERO families for the SACRIFICE they make everyday on my behalf to keep me safe! THANK YOU!

Now onto the cards! As you can see, I'm quite the PATRIOT and so proud of my CUBAN AMERICAN HERITAGE.... { both my parents and in laws left communist Cuban to be blessed with liberty in the USA}...I don't often send out July 4th cards... BUT I do love RED, WHITE and  BLUE.

So here's my PATRIOTIC INSPIRED CARDS that I actually WON at one of the fun stamping parties I attend. My friend TINA actually made these - she is super talented! She used the fun TYPEWRITER stamp from Stampin up. I have an awesome set!

Have you checked out the super CUTE Patriotic Stamp Sets Robyn from My Pink Stamper has available! One set is brand new and has images!

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