Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Over do !

Hi there ~

Whilst perusing some photos in the hopes of clearing out any unnecessary files on my computer, LO and behold I realized I had completely FORGOTTEN to post these AWESOME CARDS I received way back in the spring in a CARD SWAP I did with all my designer friends at MY PINK STAMPER.

So with out further adeu ...here's the loot I got!

Didn't everyone just OUT DO themselves? !!! Robyn certainly has a knack for choosing some awesomely creative designers and I was honored and privileged to be part of that group! I've since retired from all design teams to pursue my sewing, diy and home dec ventures, but I do admit, I miss being part of such a fun group of creative minds { sigh}

Speaking of...I am totally embarrassed to admit that cannot recall with exactness which card was made by which designer... BUT I do know you can hop on over to My Pink Stamper and check out Robyn's side bar for more information and creations from her Pink Designers!

And last but not least here's the card I contributed to the swap!

I'm obsessed with DRESS FORMS! Reminds of my sewing buddy Ethel :)

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Dress Making Success

Hi there ~

Remember when I ventured off to the LA Fabric District 
a couple of weeks ago and came back with my fabric haul of knits?!

That's less than half of it....Oops!!!

WHA-ELL!!!...talk about "worth my time"! As soon as I could, I challenged myself to make a DRESS! Yup, a FULL real ready to wear, top and bottom garment! To be honest, I was scared to death... but determined! After all... I had invested time and money in acquiring the fabric, right?!, AND spent countless hours searching blogs and pinterest for ideas and tutorials.

I was committed and there was no turning back NOW! Let the pattern drafting, cutting, sewing, serging and fittings begin!

Here's what I got for my efforts...{insert feelings of giddy satisfaction}

AAAaaa!!! I REAL DRESS!!! Something I could actually wear in public! I hadn't constructed a full garment like this since my days of trying to make Halloween customs for my kids! {sighs of happiness and relief }

Using my Brother Serger 1034D. I gift I'd gotten myself almost a year ago, I was able to produce PERFECT GATHERS! I'll never do gathers the old way again! EVER! Not to mention, finish the seams with a secure neat stitch! Highly recommend this machine, even for the novice sewist :)

If there was anywhere in this project I thought I would screw up, it would have been attaching the set in SLEEVES! But YAHOO! Success the first time, thanks to all those tutorials I studied. And LOOK the sleeves even have a cuff :)

AHHHH... and how can I forget the tip I learned about using a TWIN NEEDLE for finishing hems and top stitching for a PRO store bought look!

And last but not least...here I AM all ready to go church with my new DRESS! Taking pictures of yourself is so AWKWARD!

I hope to do some simple technique tutorials myself in the coming months so I can share what I learned. In the meantime, check out my PINTEREST PAGE under my boards for SEWING TIPS and SEWING PROJECTS for ME and KIDS.
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Flying Objects

Hi there ~

So at our last FACETIME session, my grandson Ethan announced he wanted a FLYING OBJECTS THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY !Meaning airplanes, rockets, jets and helicopters. Absolutely no NON engine objects ALLOWED ( kites, balloons etc ) Heavens NO! So I went a little crazy in the craft sewing room, pulled out my new CAMEO ( love it)  and sewing machine and serger and went CRAZY making banners, party favors, and decorations! Before I knew it I had a complete FLYING OBJECTS BIRTHDAY PARTY SET...just add cake, balloons and a bunch of 6 year olds, LOL!

I packed it up neatly in a box, headed to the post office and off it went to my grandson in Utah...flying objects indeed!

I'm happy to report he received his special care package yesterday and he's THRILLED and all READY for his birthday party shin-ding this weekend!!! OHHH, how I wish I could be there to see his sweet little happy face.. but alas, the miles separate us :( ... BUT!  I know my daugther will take great pictures and soon we'll be sitting and chatting enjoying our next FACETIME session! Gotta love technology, flying objects and all!!!  

Using my NEW Silhouette Cameo, felt, thick striped ribbon folded in half like binding, assorted fabrics and pellon 800 interfacing, I came up with this terrific personalized banner! If you want some tips on how to cut fabric using an electronic cutting machine like the Cameo or Cricut this is a GREAT TUTORIAL 

I simply headed to Joanns',  got a yard and 1/4 of novelty fabric, ran it thru my Brother 1034D Serger
to finished the egdes,  ironed it and wha- la...perfectly coordinated with the rest of the party stuff :)

 Again, using my Silhouette Cameo, I downloaded some free shapes using my $10 free shapes card that somes with the Cameo when you first purchase it, and cut these out in a various sizes. These can be used on the wall with the banner or attached to some toothpicks and used to decorate a cake :)

 I googled  "airplane party favors" and found with several pictures and tutorials on how to make these adorable party favors out of Lifesavors, Smarties, Packs of Gum and rubber bands. Who thinks of these things ??? - GENIUS !!! What would us crafters do without google images, pinterest and blogs??? Luckily, we don't need to find out!!!
Note: next time I would use the white mint lifesavors because the fruit ones are sticky to handle.

I found these mini lunch sacks at Michaels, so cute!!! This was my first time using the PRINT and CUT feature on my CAMEO and I was BLOWN AWAY! Super easy to do with this machine. I found this tutorial on Doodling Debbie's You tube Channel on how to make customize tags, rounding text into a circle and printing and cutting. Thanks Debbie for sharing your talents on how to use the Silhouette Cameo! She has a great BLOG too!!! I've learned so much from her :)

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