Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Guest Designer Lala Palooza with BARBARA

Hello and Welcome
I am Barbara from Craft Me This 
I am so happy and excited today to be the Guest Designer for
Alex.  This is my very first time for me being a Guest Designer.

When the call went out, it was about 6AM and I was on my Lap Top in bed like I do every morning going through all my blogs that I follow.
Well I could not believe my eyes when I read Alex’s post looking for Guest Designers.  So I went into action and emailed her and here I am. (Exciting)  Thanks Alex.

For my project today I am making a Pen and Pencil Holder, etc.  It is made from the Toilet Paper Roll!!  So I went to all my neighbors and requested all their T.P. Rolls.  I can’t get them fast enough.  Once you start making these you want to make more.

                You start with a T.P. roll.
                Cut your card stock or your choice at 4”x6.5”
                Cut another piece of the same or contrasting color for the top at 2”x5 ¾”
                And score or fold the length so you have an overhang of about ½”
                Cut Slits along the length so it is easy to fit into the T.P.  roll
                The Base is wood and cut on a Drill Press by my husband Tommy. 
                 The size is 3” in Diameter and 1/2" high.                
                 The inside hole fits the T.P. roll at 1 ½”
Assemble the above and decorate.

Thanks for stopping and sharing my day as the Guest Designer for Alex.
You can visit me at my blog 
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