Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Guest-Designer-Lala-Palooza with CARRI ~ ABUSYBEE

I am so honored to be a guest designer today for Alex here at You Had me at Craft! I have been a follower of Alex since the start and learned how to do chalking  when she posted a video for "LEARN A TECHNIQUES"  BLOG HOP back in June 2010! (Thanks Alex!) Time sure flies when you are having fun!

Today I wanted to share how I make a mini scrapbook using only one sheet of 12X12 Paper.

Take one double-sided 12X12 paper

Score top at 3/4" - 4 1/2" - 8 1/2"
Turn paper once to the left and make cut lines at 4" and 8"

Turn paper two times to the left; 1st 3/4" square mark as discard
2nd box mark # 2
3rd box mark # 1

You do not have to mark up your paper, you can just score and cut as you go, I just marked mine to show what it would look like.

I score my lines first using my Martha Stewart Score Pal

 Then Fold the score lines

Next cut along the 4" and 8" marks discard the top left 3/4 discard piece

 Now adhere strip # 2 to the strip that had the discarded strip

Then adhere the entire strip to the # 1

 Then fold!

Now you have a mini book! 18 pages long! Each page appx 3 3/4" by 4"

Now for the fun part! Time to pull out all those scraps and start decorating!

Here is my completed Halloween book! I hope you enjoyed my mini tutorial and project!

If you would like to see more of my projects please stop over to my blog HERE!

Thank You Alex for inviting me to be guest designer!
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