Friday, May 14, 2010


Good Morning :)
 I was going to thru my emails and came across this amazing sale from OH MY CRAFTS ONLINE STORE. They have the Cricut Expression for $199 !!! with a coupon !!! Use the link to access the sale if you are interested, because I noticed it doesn't show up if you just go to I have ordered from there before ( I got my Gypsy from them)  and have been very happy with their service/shipping etc. I don't get paid and they are not my sponsor. I just wanted to pass on a good deal. Looks like they have awesome deals on carts too - oh sooo tempting...aaaa!!!

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  1. Thank you for video. I can't wait to make these. I love your idea of the clear window, very classy. Also, the triangle do hickey thing is to make envelopes with. I had know idea what it was either and I was searching videos last night about the Martha Stewart score board and a tutorial came up on how to make envelopes. There is also a slot on the back of the board that the triangle slips right in to. I think Momo has a tutorial on how to make envelopes with it as well. Thanks for sharing your it:).


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