Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So I must be in a nostalgic mood lately as my mind seems to drift back to when I was a kid. Must be all this cutting, and coloring, and gluing...maybe that's why we all love paper crafting so much...it makes us feel like kids again!  
How many of you remember "A Barrel Full of Monkeys" ? Well this is where my mind went as came up with the design for this cute little card ! And can you believe it...more orange paper ! Go figure ! Oh, and I tried some major doodling here, it was fun :)

Details : 
Base card is 9 1/4 x 4 fits into a legal size envelope
Layer 1 is cut at 9 x 3 3/4, MS punch on all 4 corners, CAC cart
Monkeys and all layers cut at 2 1/4 with PK faces
Vine cut twice at 4 1/2, CAC cart
Barrel cut at 3 inches from Paper Doll Dress Up cart 
Sentiment cut at 2 inches, from CAC cart
extras : hemp, eyelets, black and white doodling
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  1. Very cute. I'm gonna have to rethink my dislike for orange now. lol


  2. Oh this is really cute! I love those monkeys.

  3. Super CUTE I love it! Really like the MS punch. What’s it called?

  4. Oh, this is soooo cute !!!! Love what you did with the barrel and the monkeys. I really have to make some time to play with my CAC. Hugs, Martha Caballero

  5. thanks :) I thought it was cute too. I was nervous about doing the doodling, but now I'm hooked and want to doodle everything !

    Disneynut 77 - I'm not sure what the MS punch is called, i always rip off the packaging in my excitement to start using it ! But I can take a pic for you if you like ? MS ha a bunch like that, that I want to get :)

  6. sooo cute...I just love those monkeys!!!

  7. This is way too cute!! I love it and I love Monkeys too!

  8. This card totally brought me back to a barrel full of monkeys. hehe This card is super cute.

  9. So cute!!! It does look just like a Barrel full of Monkeys!! :)


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