Wednesday, May 5, 2010

OH NO !!!

Some how I lost all my precious comments ! Has this happened to anyone ? I went back to the settings and clicked "show" but it doesn't restore them. I AM SO SAD !
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  1. Do you know what happened to make them disappear? It hasn't happened to me before, sorry I don't have any good advice :(

  2. Sorry :( Wish I knew how to help

  3. I am trying to show my comments and have show checked off in the settings but they don't show. If you find out how to do that please let me know. I am also trying to follow your blog but the page won't open for me right now. I will get it sooner or later. :)

  4. Hi Zwin78 - new comments are showing up now, but my previous ones are lost, darn. I did re check my settings and it's ok now. I guess we could contact blogger and find out if there is anything else we can do.
    I do hope your can follow my blog, I'll be posting some new videos and projects soon :) thanks for visiting :)

  5. I was finally able to follow your blog finally! I like your style and enjoyed your video. I will have to try that sometime. I do have the number of comments showing on my blog but I notice that some people's actually lists the comments openly. I will visit often!...I hope you enjoy your Mother's Day tomorrow!


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