Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hi There Everybody!
I am SO EXCITED to type this post!
I DID get a NEW PUPPY after all! You probably all know that the mama dog that I was waiting for had trouble with her pregnancy and only had one still born puppy! It was so sad :(   BUT, it turned our her sister Sofie had had 3 puppies 8 weeks ago. So I decided to take a second look at her little ones and this little gal STOLE MY HEART! 
OH MY GOSH! Isnt she adorable! I was hoping for a male since I already have 2 other fur balls ladies in the house, Zoe and Havana. But ya know, my heart just melted when I held this one!

WELL WORLD, without further ADU....
I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of my family....
Well DAH!...we had to give her a Cuban name ofcourse! 
For short, we'll just call her COCO!
(for you inquiring minds...Coco stands for Coconut, and Merengue is a type of salsa dance as well as a sugary sweet dessert , both very common in Cuba)
 Born : May 9,  2011
Weight : 0.6 lbs
Coco is registered at Petco, Pet Smart and 
Bed Bath and Beyond - JUST KIDDING, hehe! 
THANKS TO EVERYONE who played along and suggested names for my new puppy! They were ALL SO CUTE and many of them would have worked for both a boy or a girl. So I decided to choose a winner from the entries. CONGRATS and THANKS goes to entry number #37 CANDACE of My Passion for Scrappin. 


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