Thursday, July 21, 2011

Corset Anniversary Card with Button Accent Tutorial

 ~ Hi There ~
WOW! Summer has been chock full of activities and travel for me and the hubs, hence my LESS frequent posts. And it looks like the rest of July and August will be more of the same. Not complaining at all though. It's all family fun stuff, which I adore. So if your wondering why I haven't posted as much lately, that's why. No worries though, once fall is here I know I'll be back in nesting and crafting mode and  making up for some serious blog time. I hope the rest of you in blog land are enjoying your summer too! It's one of my favorite seasons :)
In the meantime, I wanted to share a video that is a PART TWO POST of the recent Anniversary Card I made my hubby. I tried a fancy button technique- or at least I thought it was pretty fancy :)... and I thought you might like to see the process. The PART ONE POST can be found HERE, just in case you'd like to refer back to it for measurements and what nots :) 

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