Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Snatch Me A Purse

~ Hi There ~
I made me another purse ! What do you think ? I love the colors! 
 I use the same pattern from Pink Sand Beach Designs that I used for the last purse I posted HERE and I would TOTALLY recommend their patterns, even for the beginner sewer! Well, as you can see.... I'm in the mood to share some sewing projects, so STAY TUNED for some more fabric follie :)
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Week 13: Made it Myself Mondays

Whoop! Whoop! There's party going on right here and it's OPEN INVITATION! all know what that means...
IT's TIME TO LINK UP your crafty stuff ! 

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1. Link any crafty project NEW or OLD.
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5. Lastly, leave a comment HERE! 
Here's what's up for GRABS this WEEK! All comments 
with link up entries will be entered to win this...
 This is one of my favorite My Pink Stamper Sets! 
Now go ahead and get your CRAFT ON and LINK UP 
your latest project! 

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Saturday, August 27, 2011


~ Hi there ~
OH DEAR! I am so behind since getting back from vacation. You know what they say, sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation! But what I need is a couple hours added to my already 24 hours day! Cause in point, I'm typing this post at 4:30 in the morning, but HEY! no complaints here! I have good tidings to share !  The latest winner of my blog GIVEAWAY is... Drum roll please...
Congrats to
 You've got mail !

In the next few days I will be choosing another GUEST DESIGNER to SPOTLIGHT chosen from your AMAZING entries to my WEEKLY LINKING PARTY! I am SO EXCITED to share some of your CREATIONS! You INSPIRE me EVERYDAY!
MONDAY is just around the corner...WHAT do you have up your crafty sleeve?! GET your CRAFT on and COME BACK here on MONDAY and JOIN the LINKING PARTY!

 And last but not least, here 's a sewing project I made  that I JUST love, I use it all the time :)

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Music to My Ears - My Pink Designer Post

~ Hi There ~
What if I told you, you didn't have to bake millions of cookies for gifting to your friends and family this holiday season? Is it MUSIC to your EARS? Would you feel less stressed out for the holidays?! Well how about skipping the apron this year and jumping on the ole' PC to download your favorite FREE Christmas Music and burn your own HOLIDAY MUSIC COMPILATION CD to give as CHRISTMAS GIFTS to all your friends and family! Less clean up in the kitchen for sure LOL! 
All you'll need is some blank CD's, plastic CD cases and some fun paper crafting supplies! 
Note: Remember music is copyrighted, so you should only download music from a legitimate site that has permission from the music artist. Many of the classic holiday music we all know and love is free on certain sites. Another idea, would be to purchase discount Christmas Cd's. Once the holidays roll around you'll even find them at the Dollar Store!

Look at this one I made using My Pink Stampers newly released set...Winter Treats & Sayings

turn this...
 into this...
 Check out ALL of the newly released

There are TONS of FUN SAMPLES and IDEAS on Robyn's BLOG! Go ahead, check it out! You know you want to LOL!
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 12 : Made It Myself Mondays

~ Hi There ~
I'm coming to ya from vacation land as I am still tanning it up with the hubs, kiddos and grandkids :) But I didn't want you to miss an opportunity to PARTY like it's 1999 (anybody ever figure out why Prince choose that year ?)...Anyways, I'd love to see your CRAFTY GENIUS when I get back! 

Never partied here before? Check out the deets below...

1. Link any crafty project NEW or OLD.
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Every LINK UP with comment will be entered to win THIS...
 Remember you must link up a project( up to three), AS WELL as leave a COMMENT
(only one comment necessary) for your entry to be eligible to WIN!
And don't forget to CHECK OUT TOMORROW'S...
My Pink Stamper Design Team
LOTS and LOTS of PROJECT IDEAS and INSPIRATION coming to you using the latest release of  My Pink Stamper Stamps
You're gonna LOVE IT!'s TIME to LINK AWAY!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

SpotLight - My Pink Stamper Winter Treats and Sayings Set

~ Hi Friends ~  
Here's another fun card I made using one of Robyn's BRAND NEW STAMPS SETS called WINTER TREATS & SAYINGS! These sentiments are the perfect finishing touch for all those gift gifting goodies I know you will be creating and gifting to your friends, family and neighbors during the holidays! Can you believe how quickly winter will roll around?! It will be here before we know it!
Simple 5.5 x 4.25 card base
Loopy Frame cut @ 5.25 from Elegant Edges Cart
White embossed Layer cut @ 2.75 x 3.75
Ornament and all layers cut @ 4 inches 
Sentiment Layer cut a quarter smaller to fit sentiment
Sentiment from My Pink Stamper Winter Treats & Sayings Set

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spotlight -My Pink Stamper Spook-a-licious Set

~ Hi There ~
Do you love HALLOWEEN as much as I do?! What a blast I had coming up with this GATE CARD design using Robyn's aka My Pink Stamper Newest Halloween Set...Spook-a-licious!
 I love decorating the inside of cards too, and a gate card is a great design to do just that! 
Deets :
Follow directions for making a Simple Gate Fold Cart Tutorial HERE
Tomb Stone and all layers cut @ 4inches Simply Charmed Cart
Circle and Scalloped Punches by Stampin Up

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Friday, August 12, 2011

August's Pink-A-Lious Blog Hop

 ~ Hi There ~
It's that time again! I'm so glad you are here checking out the ALL of the fun projects made using My Pink Stamper Stamps! AND getting to know all of the PINK DESIGNERS old and new! They all have such FABU-LI-CIOUS (hehe)... projects for your viewing enjoyment. But DON'T FORGET to begin at 
ROBYN'S BLOG so you don't miss a thing! 
Today's BLOG THEME is appropriately called SHOW YOUR STYLE! Robyn has added new designers to her roster and many of you may viewing their blogs for the very first time, or maybe this is your first hop with us today! Either way WELCOME!

Let's get right to my project... If I had to narrow down what my STYLE is, I would say it's anything HAPPY, FUN, UPLIFTING and BRIGHT!

Robyn's new set SCHOOL DAYS...

reminded me of how I always tried to instill POSITIVE thoughts in my children's minds... their GREAT WORTH and that they could DO ANYTHING they put their mind to, so long as it was GOOD AND WORTHWHILE! So there was ALOT of PRAISE and CHEERLEADING going on in my house especially when it came to school work and sports. 
Now that my kids are older, they thank me sometimes for that...

Wouldn't your little SCHOLAR feel GREAT if you had these little tokens of LOVE and POSITIVE thoughts for them on their first day BACK TO SCHOOL?!
Treat Box and Card
It's always fun to personalized the inside of a card too!
Treat Box cut @ 5.5 inches from Tags, Bags, Boxes & More
Apple and all Layers cut @ 3 inches from Preserves Cart

Cute No ? ! :) 
WANT SOME BLOG CANDY?! about this...

Just leave a comment below and enter to win my latest GIVEAWAY! Remember to leave some sort of contact info, preferably an email address :) 
It's time to HOP ON my friends!
Here's the LINE UP!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spotlight - My Pink Stamper Schools Days Set

If you are looking for the latest 
Made It Myself Monday Linking Party & Giveaway CLICK HERE!

~ Hi There ~
I was home alone and only my pups and a fly on the wall heard my SQUEALS OF JOY as I opened my latest installment of stamps last sent by the wonderful Robyn of My Pink Stamper ! Her latest creation of stamps is JUST TOO CUTE for words! and I feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to play with a few of the sets!

For my next few posts, I'll be sharing projects that I've put together using these BRAND NEW STAMP SETS!
Today, I have a fun and simple card creation for you using the 
Simple 4 x 4 Card Base
Green Layer 3.75 x 3.75
Worm and all layers cut @ 3 inches from Simple Charmed Cart
Frame and Layer Cut @ 3.5 inches from Elegant Edges Cart
Punch from Stampin Up

I just love how this little guy came out! Makes me want to curl up with my "Kindle" and read my latest book! Wouldn't a card like this make the perfect gift along with a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble or Amazon for the "book worm" on your life?! 
Speaking of books to read...I just finished reading " The Help" and absolutely loved it! It was a definite can't put down read! And I'm so EXCITED cause it's being released as a movie this week and I can't wait to see it! 
I'm already on to my next book called "Waiting For Snow In Havana" and it's really good too. It's about "Operation Peter Pan" when from 1960 to 1962, 14,000 young boys were airlifted from Cuba to the United States to flee Castro's Revolution. It's weird to think my husband could have been one of those boys, how scary. But he was born in 1964 and fled Cuba during another historical Freedom Flight Era in the early 1970's. OKAY, all this talk of FREEDOM makes me want to make a PATRIOTIC CARD! I'm so thankful to be an AMERICAN and have had brave parents and in-laws that fled communist Cuba, so I can live in this AMAZING land and have the FREEDOM to be a BOOK worm, CRAFT worm, BLOGGING worm, QUILTING worm... or any kind of WORM I want to be! LOL! Worms of the good kinds, of course :)
STAYED TUNED for more SPOTLIGHTS posts using the NEW My Pink Stamper Sets as well as the upcoming 

PS : I'll be out of town attending my son's college graduation at BYU and then it's off for our annual family vacation in San Diego,  but NO WORRIES, I thought ahead and have SEVERAL posts and projects all pre scheduled for your viewing pleasure!

Have a great rest of the week!
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 11: Made It Myself Mondays & Guest Designer

~ Hi There ~
I am so STOCKED about today's POST and LINKING PARTY! I have an awesome guest today. Her post might just ROCK YOUR WORLD if you like playing with fabric as much as I do. This sweet lady emailed me a couple of weeks back wanting to share her technique for CUTTING FABRIC with your CRICUT! She has a FULL PROOF method that she's developed and I am so happy she is willing to SHARE it with us today! 
Sooo without further ado...let me introduce this weeks
Take it away TRISH...

Many of us have the amazing Cricut and now there's a few newer ones by Provo Craft......most of us use it for scrapbooking and card making.....and
some of us have tried to take it a step further and use it for fabric cutting.
YUP, you're eyes aren't deceiving you! I CUT THIS INTRICATE DESIGN WITH MY CRICUT! 
Here's some more SAMPLES...

 Unfortunately not much was spoken about fabric cutting so we had to do
the trial and error thingy and that costs money you not only ruin your fabric
and waste your interfacing or bonding that you have used and then you get
frustrated and the project you had in mind doesnt get done.

So I am going to explain the best steps to take to cut your fabric and get those projects accomplished.

(1) Step one always use a mat for just fabric...take the time and use a marker
and print on the top of the mat cover (FABRIC) and that way when you go
to do your crafts that mat is for fabric only.

(2) Step two… Using an interfacing or bonding product....this is where we get a little antsy and want to hurry up the project so we just pull out what we have on hand.
STOP, think and do with PELLON 800 FUSEABLE WEB. This product is amazing theres no other word for takes a little more time to use but the results are the best.

I usually get it at JoAnn's fabric store Iam sure you can find it online also, it has to be cut so you buy it by the yard.

(3) Third step...start cutting your fabric to the size of the mat you will be using....then cut your pellon to that size also....follow with ironing your fabric to get wrinkles out.... then apply pellon to the back of fabric, the
pellon has a bumpy side and that side  will be on the back of fabric.
turn both the fabric and pellon over and iron the fabric top...DONOT
iron the pellon side you will have a mess on your iron trust me on that one.

The Third step is the MOST important to follow...PLEASE read a few times before trying...the Pellon comes with instructions .......basically everything
Iam telling you is on there.

(4) Step four ......applying your fabric to the mat.......make sure its on will see some wrinkles, dont get upset they wont show on
the fabric after its cut.

(5) Step Five......setting your Cricut up for the cut......PRESSURE is MAX.....
Speed is Multi Cut...and then of course your size......I always have my blade set at 5...and now your ready to hit that button that says CUT.

(6) Step Six........remove your fabric and slowly peel away from mat using your spatula...being careful as you now have to remove the paper backing from whatever you have cut and you will see a shiny side
which you will iron onto whatever you are going to apply it to......let me explain this a little better......take a straight pin and at any corner just take
the pin and put it underneath the will see sometimes its already ready to pull off but sometime you have to give it a little help.

Dont get frustrated...I sometimes just take my fingers and pinch the fabric
and it starts to come off that way.....but this is important so take your time.

(7) Step Seven.......ahhhhh! you did you have a choice to either sew
on to your project or just iron it on...its your choice........depends what your
project is.....for clothing I sew it on and I love the raggy look, which you will
see in some of the pics that I will be showing you....I call it Cricut Applique.
The appliqué above is from the cart Straight from the Nest… you can see
It has intricut cuts its one of my favorites… don’t be afraid to cut fancy

I hope I have made this tutorial simple and explanatory...if you have any questions you can e-mail me at I will get back to you asap.........Enjoy.........Trish

All I can say is WOW! TRISH! I can't wait to try this ! Thanks SO MUCH for sharing it and being a GUEST DESIGNER on my blog today! Can you believe Trish does NOT have a blog of her own to share more of her genius with us?! Well, we must all remedy this by giving Trish lots of props and encouraging her to start a blog ASAP! Leave her some love, ok!

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Have You Heard ?

~ Hi there ~
I AM SO EXCITED! Have you heard the news ?! Robyn aka My Pink Stamper just released 7 NEW STAMP SETS RELEASE yesterday! 
My Pink Stamper

You have to check them out if you haven't already! She out does her self every time and as always, I am tickled with the new sets she's created! 
All next week you'll have an opportunity to see projects created by myself and the rest of the Pink Designers as well as Robyn using these cute stamps! 

for Robyn's ...
And last but not least, I will be announcing the winner of my latest GIVEAWAY from Weeks 9 & 10 Made It Myself Linking Parties on Tuesday!!!
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 10: Made It Myself Mondays

~ Hi there ~
It's Monday again! Alas, I don't have a project for you today. My hubby and I have been spending the weekends and lots of our free time at the beach and pool. This weekend we went SAILING and it was GLORIOUS! He is getting his certification so he can charter boats on his own! I'm really excited he is taking up a hobby himself- especially since I have plenty to go around, hehe :) With all this summery stuff going on, frankly I haven't done much crafting. Lot's of cooking though...wish I had taken more pictures.

Anyways...what have you'll been up to ? Any crafty projects you want to share ? LINK THEM RIGHT UP! And remember every link and comment is entered for my latest GIVEAWAY! 

Never partied here before? Check out the deets below...

1. Link any crafty project NEW or OLD.
2. Link UP to 3 projects.
3. Place the party BUTTON on your post.
4. Visit and Comment on at least 2 Other Blogs

Every LINK UP with comment will be entered to win THIS...


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