Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Little Boat

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OH MY !!! It's been like a month since I've POSTED ! But there's a good reason for that, I PROMISE! My craft room has been lonely. Don't know, maybe I just lost my mojo temporarily, but there hasn't been much CRAFTING going on at the YHMAC headquarters....EXCEPT...everything changed yesterday, when I spent the day...and I do mean the ENTIRE DAY working on this gift for my sweet husband for Father's Day!

I know what you're thinking...#1 FATHER'S past already and # 2 Seriously Alex, any crafty GIRL can see that this was a simple vinyl cricut cut project, why would it take the entire day to make? WELL, you would be right on both counts, but's here's the SCOOP...

I originally wanted to cut out a STENCIL with my CRICUT using freezer paper and stencil PAINT the whole poem on muslim and then FRAME it.. WELL...after lots of trail and error, MOSTLY error, I had to SCRAP the whole idea and go with the vinyl. I'm really HAPPY with how it can out. I just wish I hadn't wasted all that time with the freezer paper idea.

ANYWAYS,  my husband was out of town on actual FATHER'S DAY, but comes home tonight. So I'll give it to him them :)

Too add to the history of the gift. My husband loves to sail and on June 14th we also celebrated 33 YEARS of having begun our courtship together in HIGH SCHOOL back in 1979, so the gift is also sort of romantic, to commemorate that too!

I know...you're feeling so warm and fuzzy right now...I am :) That's us back then...

 And HERE'S the finished masterpiece, LOL! I hope he likes it :)

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