Thursday, June 21, 2012

Epic ?

~ Hi there friends ~

Well did I ever have a busy afternoon YESTERDAY with my announcement that I was SELLING my beloved CRICUT EXPRESSION along with all my PROVO CRAFT products. HA, you would have thought I had made an EPIC announcement that I was pregnant or something, LOL! {which actually would have been epic since I'm way past my child bearing years}

But seriously, THANKS SO MUCH for everyone's support, advice and interest in my ...shall we call it...MID CRAFT CRISIS ???

Truth be told, I had been thinking about making this kind of move for a while. And since I had been MIA from my craft room with travel, family visitations, and well... just lack of crafting mojo. I decided it was time to SHAKE things up and make a change.

Thanks to the overwhelming response, I sold my BUNDLE within hours of posting my intent to do so. And I do apologize for those that missed out. I had to go with the only fair thing and sell it "first come, first serve". It was a SMOKING DEAL at $ 250 for EVERYTHING plus shipping. I'm so excited to pass the torch.

BUT NOW WHAT ?!  Shall Alex go on with no cutting machine ???!!!! HEAVEN'S NO !!!

SO I NEED YA'LL's HELP ! Which CUTTER do I buy ???

I've done some research and I think I am going with the Silhouette CAMEO, but want your guys input! I KNOW you guys have an opinion on SHOOT AWAY those COMMENTS!

Here's one of the many videos I found on the CAMEO.

It's kind of hysterical though.... the music sounds like the theme from the BORN IDENTITY, LOL!!! Maybe I'm going to become a papercrafting ASSASSIN, hahahaha...OKAY, I'm having too much FUN with this !!!

BUT DO stayed tuned! If you've followed my BLOG or YOU TUBE channel lately. You know I've mentioned there are MORE EXCITING CHANGES coming at the YHMAC HEADQUARTERS. This is just the tip of the iceburg :)

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