Friday, March 16, 2012

Everyone Needs A Fluffy Pillow

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As promised, here is the FIRST of quite a few POSTS featuring fun projects for kids! Making things for my little grandkids is JUST SO FUN! I love them SO MUCH and there's nothing like seeing their SMILES, especially when I present them something
 "MIMI (that's what they call me)...made just for THEM!

So, with that in mind, I set off to create my first project to gift to my little munchkins...A PERSONALIZED PILLOW!
Here's how I did can adjust the measurements here and there to your liking and wind up with a pillow a bit bigger or smaller if you like, but here are the general instructions and the measurements I used.

Step One : Creating and Cutting Your Letters
I used the NEW Cricut Craft Room to design and size my letters to cut them out of FABRIC using my CRICUT! I know, SO EXCITING! If you want a quick tutorial on how to arrange letters for cutting, click HERE. Also the Cricut site has great step by step instructions on how to use this great new tool :)

The BEST METHOD to CUT FABRIC on the CRICUT that I know, was developed by my friend Trish (she doesn't have a blog, sad huh?) But she agreed to post as a GUEST DESIGNER a while back and her TUTORIAL ROCKS! You gotta check it out! For Fabric lovers...It's a GAME changer! 

Step Two : Sewing Letters To The Background Fabric
Cut a light to medium color fabric 5 x 12 inches that will show off your letters well. After ironing on your letters per the instructions on your PELLON 800. Using your sewing machine, stitch down your letters. I used a BLANKET STITCH giving the letters an applique look.
 Use a THREAD COLOR that matches your letters to blend the stitching or use a contrasting color to give an outlined look. You choose :)
The picture below shows what a BLANKET STITCH looks like from the back. Most sewing machines have this stitch available.

Step Three : Adding The First Border
Choose a coordinating fabric to accent and frame your "name block" Cut strips of fabric 2 1/2 inches wide and sew them right sides together to each side of the "name block" like so...
Make sure to trim up the edges with a rotary cutter and quilting ruler so your "name block" is nice and straight. 

Step Four : Add The Second Border
Cut another coordinating fabric into 4 1/2 inches strips and sew to your "name block" just like the first border. 

YAY ! The front of your pillow is done. Make sure you press your pillow with the seams down to one side, so it's nice and flat and wrinkle free.

Step Five : Add The Back and Optional Lining
Now that your front in finished. Measure it and cut yet another coordinating fabric and 2 lining pieces exactly the same size. Lining is optional, but I wanted to thicken the pillow fabric a bit since quilting fabric is thinner than decorator fabric that is usually used for pillows. Once you fill it with fiber fill, it will also lay more smoothly and not dimply...hope make sense :)
Step Six : Sew The Pillow Parts Together
Lay the "name block" , back fabric and lining fabric as shown above and sew along all four sides with 1/4 inch to a 1/2 inch seam, but leave an OPENING on one end so you can turn it right side out.

Step Seven : Fill your pillow 
with fiber fill or whatever stuffing you choose and then hand sew the opening closed.

YAY! NOW you have an awesome PERSONALIZED PILLOW!

Do you like this cute FLOWER ACCENT ? Stayed TUNED...tutorial FORTH COMING!

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