Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Little Lemonade

~ Hi Everyone ~
A little mom called to let me know that a dear aunt of mine had passed away. She had cancer and her body finally succumbed to that awful disease. She was a bit older than my mom, but had an uncanny resemblance to her.
I made this card yesterday and thought it would be appropriate to post in her honor. I know that death, although so difficult for us that are left behind, is a passing to another life, one that is eternal. I know someday we will be reunited with those loved ones that have gone before us, that gives me so much peace and comfort. The last time I saw her we were all gathered together as a family, laughing and joking. She told us stories of my mom and her growing up in Cuba and I learned a lot about my grandfather. She prepared a delicious cuban meal that we gobbled up with delight. That's what I'll remember. That's my lemonade.
Details :
Card Base sized at 5.5, welded from Elegant Edges Cart
Layer sized at 5.25 from Elegant Edges Cart
Tag sized at 2.25 from Preserves Cart
Lemon and Layers sized at 2.25 from Preserves Cart
extras: Sakura gel pens, black and white, button, twine and bling.

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