Friday, May 11, 2012

Surprise Party Success and A Winner

~ Hi there ~
I'm back from the MOST AMAZING trip with my family and my MOM'S 80th SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY ! I cannot wipe the HAPPY grin off my face, I feel like the Joker in Batman with his permanent smile {a sane one ofcourse, lol} and shake the warm feeling I have inside since coming home and I hope it remains with me forever !

It would take me hours to describe the events that took place, it was one AMAZING ROLLER COASTER experience after another of fun, laughter, surprise, dancing, tears of happiness and reuniting with uncles, aunts and cousins I hadn't seen in years and even meeting family members I had never seen before that recently escaped from communist CUBA! 

But the icing on the cake was seeing my MOM'S FACE when she pulled up on the driveway of her house and saw a BIG TENT filled with family and friends that had come out to honor her...she was stunned and overjoyed!  She had no idea that we were doing this for her! 

I will be posting a video montage of the event as soon as I can organize the pictures my husband took, but in the meantime I'll share the slide show presentation I made for her that was shown at the party, if you want to take a peek. Can you pick me out of the pictures? I'll give you a hint...I'm the youngest of 4 children and I was born in 1965. 11 years after my closest sister. 

Hope you enjoyed the posts I pre scheduled while I was gone and the GIVEAWAY I did! I'm so happy to announce the winner of...

 My Pink Stamper's Fabulous Phrases Stamp Set


Pynoblem said.... "I love how you made the paper look like wall paper!  It's beautiful. 

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