Friday, April 6, 2012

Not Your Typical Riding Shirt

~ Hi There ~
My hubby's BIRTHDAY was last month and I can't believe I forgot to post the CARD I made for him! 

How FUN that Robyn decided to do a LAST MINUTE BLOG HOP so I could share it with you! 

If you follow my blog you know he LOVES CYCLING and he finally broke down and treated himself to a REALLY NICE road bike! So, of course my card had to reflect the HAPPY OCCASION!

I used the ORIGAMI SHIRT METHOD to create the shirt. Now, the hubs wears NOTHING like this when he rides, but it was fun to make the shirt using just folded paper and BESIDES, it matched the bicycle paper perfectly. There's lots of tutorials on how to make the origami shirt on You Tube.

The side accents represent the road and of course I topped it off with a fun MY PINK STAMPER sentiment. I love this stamp set, I think I've used it 3 times already!

 Here's some shots of BIKE shopping day...
Hmm..this one seems nice.
Do you have it in my size ?
I guess I'll need some riding shoes to match too.
Honey you DESERVE IT! 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Happy Riding! 

Hope you JOIN the rest of the HOP as well as the MY PINK STAMPER "LIVE" TONIGHT at 10:00pm CST! 
Karlee is visiting with Robyn and we all know it's a HOOT when those TWO get together! LOL!!!

Here's the HOP ORDER... 

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