Friday, April 20, 2012

Hipster Bag

~ Hi There ~
These SIMPLE yet practical BAGS where so fun to make!  I am just TICKLED on how they turned out! 
 One day I was chatting with my sweet little "BEEHIVES" {that's the name of the group of young girls ages 12-13,  I serve at church}... and they mentioned they needed something to carry their scriptures and faith journals in for Sunday.
 WAH- no time my head was spinning with IDEAS on how to whip up these BAGS using some of my fabric stash and a basic tote making method. To make them stylish and CUTE, we added some handmade fabric FLOWERS, too!

I had all the girls over to my house for a big  "BAG" making PARTY and before you knew it we had 10 ADORABLE bags {with some help from the MOMS too, Thanks Robin and Lacy} 

I plan on making some MORE so stay TUNED for the TUTORIAL!

  I can't BELIEVE I didn't take ANY pictures of our activity {d,oyi}... but here's another shot of ALL of us enjoying some YOGURT at one of our weekly activities :) 

 Aren't they the cutest?! 
And they are SERIOUS about their yogurt!

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