Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hello Wednesday Everyone !
I was doing some blog hopping the other day and found this awesome video from Cindy over at her blog  Crazy for Crafting. 
I have searched around and found several ways to unmount your wood block stamps and convert them to Clear Mount and I find her method to be on of the best I've seen.  I tried it today and it works GREAT! Thanks Cindy for sharing!  
Very timely too, because I am working on a challenge card and I really needed a particular set of my stamps to be clear mounted for the project. I'll post it soon :)

Here's a picture of my remounting attempts using her techinque and below that is Cindy's video !

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  1. how cool is this! Thanks for sharing Alex!

  2. Alex, thanks for sharing! Is Cindy ok? She has not posted in a long time... I have left messages and no reply...just wondering?


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