Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Over do !

Hi there ~

Whilst perusing some photos in the hopes of clearing out any unnecessary files on my computer, LO and behold I realized I had completely FORGOTTEN to post these AWESOME CARDS I received way back in the spring in a CARD SWAP I did with all my designer friends at MY PINK STAMPER.

So with out further adeu ...here's the loot I got!

Didn't everyone just OUT DO themselves? !!! Robyn certainly has a knack for choosing some awesomely creative designers and I was honored and privileged to be part of that group! I've since retired from all design teams to pursue my sewing, diy and home dec ventures, but I do admit, I miss being part of such a fun group of creative minds { sigh}

Speaking of...I am totally embarrassed to admit that cannot recall with exactness which card was made by which designer... BUT I do know you can hop on over to My Pink Stamper and check out Robyn's side bar for more information and creations from her Pink Designers!

And last but not least here's the card I contributed to the swap!

I'm obsessed with DRESS FORMS! Reminds of my sewing buddy Ethel :)

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