Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Okay...the truth and Stamp Up Series 6

Hi there ~ I'm on a sewing CRAZE right now! In the last two weeks, I've sewn 2 dresses, 4 skirts, 1 pre schooler hoodie, 1 toddler hoodie dress, an infant dress and a baby hat! I can hardly believe I just typed that let along sewed it! But I DID! ...and I am SO EXCITED to sew more projects!

What's my secret? Well 3 things...#1 JERSEY KNITS -don't know why I was so intimated by this awesome textile, it's so easy to work with ...  #2 SEWING BLOGS  and #3 you're not surprised with # 3 :)

Here's a sneak peek of upcoming sewing posts...

But for all you PAPER CRAFT JUNKIES that began following my blog looking for card making inspiration...don't despair! I am still cutting, scoring, folding and embellishing my other favorite craft past time, PAPER !!!

Here's yet another card I made at one of those FUN Stampin Up Parties I go to...

Once again, I chose not to use a sentiment YET! Depends on the occasion and who I'll give it to, of course...since I started doing this, it has made my life SO MUCH easier when I need  to grab a card QUICK! I can pretty much chose any card in my portfolio, GRAB my large collection of sentiment stamps,  personalize it  and OFF I GO... LOVE  IT !!!
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