Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Episode 16 : My Craft Room Re Visited and a New Camera

Hello Everyone :)
Well I finally finished re doing the craft. And as promised...
a video reveal. 
I'd love to hear your comments or even some
suggestions to make it even better !
AND...I finally found a camera ! Halaluyah ! It's not the fanciest model, but it does the job. I was looking for an inexpensive combo camera that would would take great pictures and well as  HD 720 video. I had a flip video before, but it just wasn't my favorite. My kodak was a great price at $129 including a 4G memory card. The recording sound quality isn't the best, so I just voice over the narration while I'm editing the videos. I've had kodak cameras before and I've always enjoyed their user friendly approach to picture taking as well as their ease in downloading
options to youtube and facebook.
I'm a happy camper or should I say "crafter"...hehe. 
More pics and videos are on their way :)

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  1. Where did you get the rolling cart? I have one but it has deeper drawers

  2. Thank you Alex! My grand baby Lauren!

  3. Great craft room! Really organized!

  4. Love your craft room, everything looks so nice crisp and clean. I love the paint color on the walls. I need to paint my room over. Do you have a name for the paint by chance? It's a nice peaceful color and looks great with the black. :)

  5. love the color! nice and organized!
    liz :o)

  6. Hi dear Alex, love your craftroom but most of all love your camerawork, it is gorgious and very professional!

    Watch out Steven Spielberg!!!


  7. Loved your tour and your filming came out great! Good choice on your camera... Where do you put the cards that you make? You are very organized... You should display some of your creations so that will give your customers a chance to buy some when they come to get their hair done.. :)
    Great job.

  8. Alex,

    I love, love, love your craft room!!! :) The colors look great and it's so clean & organized! Thank you for taking the time to video your whole room & storage solutions.

    Thanks for sharing,



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